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A Passion for Precision

Three hand-crafted wooden dodecahedrons, the 12-sided geometric shape regarded by the ancient Greeks as a symbol for the universe, also symbolize the passion for precision that underlies Benson Industries.

Company owner and founder Paul Benson created the dodecahedrons to symbolize precision.

As envisioned by Plato, a dodecahedron is composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces. Three of the planes meet at each vertex. With 20 vertices and 30 edges, it only takes a fractional slip in the angle of any of the 12 planes to destroy the shape. Now on display in Benson’s office, the perfectly-faceted dodecahedrons are an appropriate symbol for the unified multiplicity of his industry-leading company.

Benson Industries offers a unique fusion of custom cabinetry, computerized control, and the economic advantages of mass production.

Benson Industries’ customized mass production gives developers of luxury condominiums and other high-end residential projects the distinction of one-of-a-kind design, combined with the cost-savings of assembly-line multi-unit production.

Established in 1976, the company has evolved from a small, two-person workshop to a highly computerized operation. Working from a factory on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Benson Industries produces enough cabinets for thousands of kitchens each year.

“More British Columbians live with a Benson kitchen than a kitchen from any other manufacturer,” owner Paul Benson observed.


With the new millennium, the company shifted its focus from mass production to creating customized products for the high-end multi-unit residential market.

First envisioned by Plato, the dodecadron was a symbol of the cosmos and of wisdom for the Greeks.